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It should go without saying, but every one of my clients receives personalized, one-to-one, bespoke treatment that’s designed for them and only them. No two bodies are the same, so there’s no cookie-cutter approach here. 

A customized program just for you could include a full wellness analysis, nutritional therapy, muscle sculpting, curbing of sugar cravings, toning advice and much, much more. 

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Oh, and fun. of course, They’re fun, too.

Nutritional therapy is a passion of mine. I believe anyone can balance their diet with the right tools. Together, we’ll do a full review of what you eat, what you could be eating to feel better, and what your body is crying out for. I don’t believe in starvation, only nourishment.

my programs are designed to make living well a joy instead of a chore. 

Let nothing hold you back!

I focus on three key areas: 


You’ve got to keep moving. That's a good motto for life in general, I am committed to helping you find a way to move that you love and can’t wait to do each day. The exercise portion of the program is highly collaborative: I want to know what you love doing and how I can help you. Strength, lean lines and superb cardiovascular health can be yours, I promise. Crucially, I also offer that all-important accountability: an actual human being by your side, cheering you on and helping you smash those fitness goals. 


The truth? Your physical health is inextricably linked to your mental health and well-being. If you feel balanced and confident, your body can do incredible things. We’ll talk through all of those mental roadblocks that are keeping you in your fitness rut and holding you back from being the all-star that we know you can be. I encourage journaling, mind-mapping and intention-setting, all of which I’ll walk you through with patience and passion. 


Whitney is absolutely incredible! She is amazing and that is an understatement. I'm honored that she works with me. :) I have worked with several trainers over the years and NO ONE compares! She has SO SO much experience in exercise, nutrition, and wellness as a whole. She shares so much valuable knowledge in regards to overall wellness in every session. Body awareness, alignment, and nourishing my body with delicious food is something I had never learned despite working with other coaches and trainers. 

I went from thinking I needed immediate surgery to learn how to listen to my body and give it what it needs to support it each day...right now, I don’t need surgery! I want to continue this journey forever! Healing my hip is nothing less than a miracle! Having more energy and believing in myself again is amazing! I'm even able to ride my Peloton again without being in pain afterward!!!! Having confidence and being pain-free is such a blessing! 


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Real people, real results

”Nothing happens until something moves.”

— Albert Einstein

the programs

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This program typically includes (but not limited to):
- 12 weeks of intensive and attitude-altering personal training 
- Pilates 
- Micronutrient Lab Testing
- A full nutritional analysis and therapy program
- Me by your side as your personal rejuvenation cheerleader 
- This can be in person or online, depending on your preference 


You’re serious about change and want so much more than an Instagrammable bod. I’m all for healthy weight management if that’s what you want to achieve, but overall physical and mental health is about the sustaining of healthy habits, not a 22-inch waist (ouch).

the investment begins at: $6,700

I offer two programs, each of which are tailor-made for your specific needs and requirements. 

12-week Nutritional therapy program + personal training

the aspire by whitney experience


You know it's time to take control of your nutritional health but you don't know how to get started and it feels super overwhelming. It should feel easier than what you are doing right now, right?!

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This program typically includes (but not limited to):
- A thorough overhaul of your diet and nutritional health 
- A full nutritional analysis and therapy program
- An easy and tasty meal plan designed especially for you 
- Analysis of what foods will help you achieve your fitness goals
- A new grocery store guide to help you shop smart 
- A delicious new outlook on life 

the investment begins at: $3,800

12-week Nutritional therapy program

the nourish by whitney experience

not sure what's right for you? 

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This jumpstart consultation includes (but not limited to):
- 1 Hour Investigation and Analysis Session 
- Detailed Medical and Healthy History Evaluation
- Nutritional and Lifestyle Evaluation to get to the root issues
- Next Steps Action Plan for healthy eating and lifestyle changes
- 30 Minute follow up to discuss my recommendations
- Option to continue working with Whitney and have the payment applied to the initial investment of the programs above.


Are ready to have a clear path to tackle some of your biggest health concerns. You’ll receive simple feedback and suggestions that you can begin taking the steps necessary to start feeling more energized. It's all up to you, there is no commitment required.

the consultation investment is: $697

No worries, I know you must be serious about your health because you made it this far. I also know that it can be really hard to know what the best first step is to take. That's exactly why I offer personalized healthy lifestyle consultations. 👇🏻

2 customized consultation personal sessions

healthy lifestyle consultation

Working with Whitney has not only changed my body, but it has also changed my entire mindset when it comes to all-around health. 

Whitney has been able to completely shift my relationship with food, nutrition, and exercise. I always felt like exercise and “dieting” were punishments. Now, because of Whitney - I truly believe it is a privilege to be able to take care of and honor my body by exercising and eating foods that nourish me. Whitney’s high level of expertise is matched by her deep concern and determination to see me reach my goals.

She is not only concerned with how I look on the outside, but also how I feel on the inside. I’m so grateful for who she is as a person. - she is encouraging, supportive, and just the right amount of tough. Working with Whitney will not only change your body - it will improve your overall physical and mental health. I never thought I would be someone who loved exercising and desired to eat healthy foods. Now I can’t imagine my life being any other way and I feel amazing. Working with Whitney will change your life!


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