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Mud baths, sunshine, and hot springs…

April 8, 2021

Nature Therapy…

Seeing this picture reminds me of how much fun this trip was!

It was our first sister trip (see little sis’ on the right). We went out to Colorado for the weekend. We toured as many places as we could fit into our not-long-enough girl’s weekend.

Being the free-spirited, adventurous, traveler I am, I love taking the road less traveled and this little piece of heaven was just that.

Hot Springs! AKA…my heaven on earth.

And as the name implies, these springs are HOT! Some spots were scorching. You could even see the steam coming off the springs!!!

How so? Simply put, the water is naturally heated by the earth – underground! Above the ground are small pools of water where you can sit and hang out….some spots were too hot, some too cold, but me and my sister ended up finding one that was just right…

It was like sitting in a bathtub in nature. Say what!?

If you know me, then you KNOW I was in my happy place here. 🙂 I’ve had “visit hot springs” on my bucket list for quite some time. This is was better than I had ever imagined!

We soaked, sun bathed, and made mud body masks – thankfully she was down for it all ; ).

To top it off, I added in some hot and cold water plunging! Basically, I’d sit in the warm water for several minutes and then jump in the cold water beside the springs for a little bit (ok, probably like a minute…it was FREEEEEEEZING). I did this over and over. Honestly, I’ve never felt so good! Even though I’ve done my own hot/cold water plunging before, I’ve never had an experience quite like this one.

Here’s the thing, I’m so thankful for technology and the opportunities it gives us, but there is NOTHING like the simple things in life.

Playing outside, cracking up, creating new experiences, not taking yourself or others too seriously, and making memories with someone you love. This is LIFE.

This is what matters.

In our fast paced, technological driven society…it’s easy to get caught up in the things that don’t really matter. By disconnecting…literally disconnecting, (thankfully, we didn’t have service here) we allow the opportunity to connect with so much more.

We’re connecting to something that can’t be seen, but only felt.

It’s the simple things. It really is.

Sunshine, nature, and love – what money can’t buy. This is what matters most.

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