the “whole body approach”

You could start with just a Pilates class. Or a new gym membership. Or a new diet that only allows you to eat 6 almonds every 35 minutes throughout your day (lucky you). These are all interesting, if potentially ineffective, starts.

Instead, you could start with me. An experienced and passionate lifestyle rejuvenator who’s committed to looking at the whole puzzle that is you, and figuring out what you need in a fun, effective way. I cover everything: quality of movement, corrective strengthening, sculpting, toning, fat-burning, nutrition, mindset and everything in between. 

Let’s do something awesome together 

(because a “half body” approach would be dumb)

It starts with little ol'e me.

It’s kinda hard to be a good lifestyle coach if you only focus on the physical. Which is why, while I do have a degree in Exercise Science and a whole
wall-full of health/wellness certificates, and have worked as a Pilates, barre, kettlebell, belly-dancing and TRX instructor, I do offer a service that focuses heavily on mindset as well as fitness. 

I’m 20 years into a career in the wellness industry and know many things, but none so well as this: to transform your life, you have to start from the inside and work your way out.

I've also worked in alternative medicine for 8 years. Holistic nutrition is something that’s really close to my heart: I believe there are so many ways to heal the body, and when we really listen to it, we can solve anything from digestive issues, blood sugar imbalances, hormonal imbalances and anything else that ails you. 


Living life to the very fullest. Leaning into your courage, running in the opposite direction of your comfort zone and some major carpe dieming. 


Small talk, time-wasters, meetings that could have been emails and energy vampires (they’re the worst). 


Practicing what I preach, moving, teaching Pilates, belly-dancing, cooking, traveling and, um, sweating (comes with the territory). 

daily rituals

Catching the sunrise, gorging on superfoods, reading, journaling, setting intentions and doing my best to live creatively. 

spoiler alert: I’m not just a personal trainer 

We just have to know where to look. 






Pellegrino + lime + vanilla

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Pistachio gelato



Amphibian Circuits by Dirtwire

what makes me great at what I do...

I want to help you think clearly and live well. My goal is not to help you look like a Barbie doll (not that there’s anything wrong with Barbie, no shade), but to feel like the very best version of yourself. Let’s fall back in love with ourselves, shall we? 

my happy place!

You name a niche exercise and I’ve taught it. With variety comes passion and I bring my many physical experiences to each client: we can try them all until we find the one (or five!) that’s right for you. 

I LOVE food (not that that makes me unique). I don’t go in for any of that “food is fuel” bulls*t. I love great-tasting food that makes the skin glow and the eyes sparkle. Food that both energizes and comforts. You can have both, I promise. 




My Favorite Things

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my guilty pleasure

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book smart

star gazing

flour tortilla

90's hip hop





street smart

movie night

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Where I stand on the super important stuff... Agree / disagree? 


Whitney is Amazing. Professional. FUN FUN FUN! Knowledgeable about everything! Best energy ever! A light in the world of craziness! :)  Caring! REAL!!!

so they say:

Marisa D.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. This quiz is designed to tell us exactly what your body’s missing right now. The road to rejuvenation starts here. 

What’s your body trying to tell you?

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty...

ready to never diet again?


It’s time to set some goals and stick to them. I am the perfect wing woman for Project You. Find out for yourself.