Orange Matcha Protein Smoothie

5 ingredients | 5 minutes This is a quick smoothie recipe that will help reduce inflammation, improve brain function, boost immunity, lower blood sugar, & balance cholesterol levels! The polyphenol and polysaccharide content of this smoothie recipe will nourish your beautiful body!   Simple + Nutrient Dense!?! Oh Yeah!!! I’m sharing this recipe with you […]

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This is your chance to get inside my mind and find out more about how (and why) I work with my clients the way I do. You might just find tips and tricks on nutrition, mindset hacks, and effective (but fun) training methods.

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It all begins with my Dad… Meet my dad, Steve…aka “Superman Steve”. A previous “poor boy” farmer, a gardener, a builder, and one of the most hard-working people on the planet. He always did whatever he needed to do to provide for the family and always made time for us kids. Back in the day, […]

My Founding Story


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Ginger Mint Tea Ginger has many benefits! Do you have a sore throat? Feeling inflamed, bloated, or nauseous? Ginger can help with ALL of these symptoms. It contains two antioxidants (zingerone and gingerol) that can both boost your immunity. Additionally, ginger can decrease stress on the body which can further promote your body’s immunity allowing […]

It’s Tea Time!


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It was at the skating rink around the corner, roller-skating with my friend when I was reminded… Living in the moment – laughing, dancing, and doing more of what you love is vital to living a healthy life. (watch my little video!) It’s really about the JOURNEY of living a healthy life. Instead, many people […]

It’s About the Journey…Not the Destination.


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Mindful Meditation: My Thoughts on Legacy. Most often we think of legacy as something tangible, like money or property that someone leaves behind. However, Legacy is also something that can’t be seen or touched. It’s your essence, what people knew you for, the mark, the impact you had on someone’s life (this could be someone […]

Smoothie + Mindful Meditation


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Quick, easy, and healthy! You guys! I HAD to share this recipe! This one is quick, easy, and tasty! I love getting inspired by recipes online…finding new recipes and then adding my own flare to it…like this one from NY Times.  Prep time takes 10 minutes. Cooking time takes about 10 minutes. I get most […]

Nourish: Dill Salmon Burgers


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Nature Therapy… Seeing this picture reminds me of how much fun this trip was! It was our first sister trip (see little sis’ on the right). We went out to Colorado for the weekend. We toured as many places as we could fit into our not-long-enough girl’s weekend. Being the free-spirited, adventurous, traveler I am, […]

Mud baths, sunshine, and hot springs…


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