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It was at the skating rink around the corner, roller-skating with my friend when I was reminded…

Living in the moment – laughing, dancing, and doing more of what you love is vital to living a healthy life.

(watch my little video!)

It’s really about the JOURNEY of living a healthy life.

Instead, many people get caught up in the things they believe they “should” be doing to be healthy…like calorie restriction, excessive exercise, exercising without proper functional training skills, and eating food with no nutritional value, but has low calories and low fat – with the intention of reaching a goal. [frustrated sigh here].

Sound familiar?

And this is where creating a healthy life becomes more of a pain in the butt than creating a life you feel inspired to live. Hello, Burnout!

I know it does because this is very common. I hear it all the time.

“Whitney, I want to lose 10 pounds.” “Whitney, I want to fit into my college jeans.”

Not that having a goal is a bad thing, but the focus is more on the destination rather than on the journey of creating a better life for yourself.

When I get this, I will have this…I will feel this when I do this…happier, more successful, prettier.

Ready for the shocker? 

Living a healthy life is fun and it’s super rewarding when you see and feel the benefits.

Instead of feeling trapped by a diet you hate, you feel free to make choices that nourish your body. Instead of dreading your gym session you feel motivated and inspired with the benefits proper movement has brought into your life, like less pain, improved posture, and better body mechanics overall.

You feel more clear-headed, more energized, and more confident – which positively impacts all areas of your life! 

How good would you feel if you started listening to your body and giving it what it needs instead of trying every diet and fitness trend out there right now?

Well, for starters, you’d see the results!

You’d be shedding stubborn weight, improving muscle tone and flexibility.

HELLO, energy, a greater sense of well-being, and confidence!

You’d feel empowered and motivated to continue living that kind of lifestyle.

Do you make decisions based on fear causing you to feel defeated?

Or do you make decisions based on faith that feels empowering?

You are unique. Your circumstances are unique. In order to begin making these choices from an empowered place as opposed to a defeated place, you must first become aware of how your body and mind are speaking to you.

Because they do.


Every moment.

Through aches, pains, headaches, bloating, stubborn weight, hunger, cravings, and even your thoughts. 

Every one of these symptoms influences the life you’re creating – for better or worse.

Look around you, do you like what you see? Look at the circumstances in your life. They’re a direct reflection of your thoughts and your beliefs – about yourself and the way you see the world. 

So what’s the first step in creating a healthy life????


Becoming aware of how you move your body, becoming aware of your thoughts, and aware of how your body is speaking to you. 

Seems so simple, right?

It is this simple, but you have to start with the right questions, the right tools, and strategy.

The Aspire by Whitney Experience is just that.

It’s a customized program that looks at the WHOLE PICTURE that uncovers imbalances present in the mind and body. Once these imbalances are discovered, you can then begin addressing the issue at the core.

It all starts with creating a strong foundation for your mind and body to function at their best…

I’m talking about structurally, nutritionally, emotionally, and spiritually. You could try all the diets, all the cleanses, all the types of exercises, stretches, and fitness classes, but if you haven’t addressed what’s causing the imbalance in the first place…you’ll be back to square one in only a matter of time. 

For example, structurally you want to be aware of your movement patterns. You could go to the gym and lift weights or attend your favorite yoga class, but if you haven’t worked on the specifics of your current movement patterns tailored to your needs then you won’t perform the exercises safely and correctly. This can do more harm than good -resulting in an injury later down the road.

Nutritionally you want to be sure you’re not imbalanced in certain vitamins and minerals as this can wreak havoc on the body…and over time resulting in illness and disease. 

Emotionally and spiritually addresses your mind and soul. Being aware of your current thought patterns and subconscious beliefs – which ALL contribute to what you’ve created in your life at this very moment.

Addressing the foundations in health – structurally, nutritionally, emotionally, and spiritually is REAL CHANGE and is REAL HEALTH. 

It’s time to stop playing small and selling yourself short with ineffective gym sessions and meal plans.

I’m 20 years into the wellness industry and there’s one thing I know for sure…if you want to create a quality-filled life you have to start with the foundations in health and apply them using the right strategies while you create the life you want. It’s more than showing up for a gym session or fitness class. It’s more than a meal plan. It’s more than counting calories. It’s a lifestyle. A journey. Not a destination.

Start by listening to your body and mind. What are they saying? 

Tip: Try this mind exercise: a “thought download”.

Items needed: Pen, paper, and a timer.


  1. Set your timer to 10 minutes.
  2. Write everything down that you are thinking and feeling in this moment – about a certain situation that you feel is causing you stress. Remember, don’t judge yourself as you write! Let whatever comes up, out. Let it all come out.
  3. Review: once your timer is up. Reflect. Review what you’ve written. What do you see? Do you notice negative self-talk? How do you speak to yourself? Again, the purpose of this isn’t to judge yourself, but become AWARE of the thoughts you may be thinking about yourself or the situation that isn’t serving you in any way.
  4. Replace the negative self-talk with positive talk. For example, if you noticed yourself saying, “I should have worked out, or I shouldn’t have eaten the candy”…replace with…”what if I did work out today?” “How would I feel” “What could I do differently next time to get the result I’m wanting? “What if I ate 3 pieces of candy instead of the bag?” “How would I feel?” “What could I do differently next time?
  5. Decide: decide to take a different approach next time… in a way that you feel is achievable for you to reach your goal.

Repeat as needed.

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